• Modernization and Functional Simplification Project

    In the framework of the modernization and functional simplification project aiming at doing away the processes red tape and maximize their efficiency, as well as the clients' efficiency, PLANAD has started a documental dematerialization process. This process is accomplished, among other, in the issuance and delivery to the clients, in a digital and certified manner, of the various documentation regarding the service provisions or other supplies starting at their request and finishing at their invoicing.

    This project also aims at automatizing the internal processes in the various areas of the company, eliminating the manual filling-in of documents, giving place to the paper suppression and the consequent reduction of the printing needs and the elimination of the physical delivery of the documents.

    Based on a management platform available in the cloud, a new Work Orders (OT) system has been implemented, managed through the tablets available to all company employees, allowing the closing of the OTs with all data relevant for the internal management of the activity, and their immediate, in real time, availability to the clients.

    This process also covers the documental management, filing, and digitalization of all company documents.

    APR 2020