Cabling & Networking

  • Cabling

    PLANAD designs and installs structured cabling data and voice systems, CommScope (Systimax products), SCS - Structured Connectivity Solutions optical fiber backbones.

    Structured Networks

    High-performance and flexible network infrastructures, allowingfor Gigabit connectivity. Complete and integrated structured cabling solutions (Systimax) as a result of the acquisition of Avaya Communications by CommScope, leader in the research, production and definition of technology standards.


    A geometric cabling tray system composed of an electro-welded high-quality steel rod, high mechanical resistance and designed to handle a large volume of cables. The Cablofil system ensures installation is simple and adaptable to any project.

    Conduit systems for cabling and equipment, skirting boards and frames, floors and pedestals, cement slabs and floating floors (data centres, training rooms, etc.).

    FrontLine system for the installation of technical conduits and equipment ready for connecting, reducing on-site installation time and making it easier to alter the layout of the installations.

    Cabinets and Racks

    PLANAD features a vast range of products manufactured by the prestigious cabinet and rack brand Retex, in addition to the respective accessories.

    The company offers smart solutions in personalised cabinets, ergonomic furniture and sliding files and cabinets, with an excellent cabling management capacity.



    PLANAD provides solutions for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint data links, operating on different bands, manufactured by Cisco and HP.

    High-availability data systems (up to 54 Mbps) for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links, operating on the 2.4 GHZ band. Enables ISPs to implement wireless networks for Internet access for residential and corporate customers.


    PLANAD markets active network products manufactured by Cisco and HP geared to the corporate sector.

    Products and technologies for high-performance network infrastructure with the capacity to handle data, video and voice, guaranteeing efficient and reliable network communication with a view to future growth.

    VOIP Solutions

    CiscoVOIP solutions.


    PLANAD designs and installs the entire power network system in accordance with international parameters, using a SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC/APC - Gama SUVT, SURT, GALAXY and Symmetra solution.

    APC provides power supply protection, environmental control and a local monitoring service designed to detect and correct problems in advance.

    APC has received over 150 awards and nominations worldwide over the years for the reliability and innovative characteristics of its solutions. APC solutions are recognised as best-of-breed products.

    Electronic Surveillance

    PLANAD provides electronic security and surveillance solutions. These fully integrated solutions aim to satisfy the growing needs of security and surveillance and include a vast range of electronic surveillance systems.

    Electronic surveillance systems

    Closed-circuit TV, hidden cameras, micro cameras, remote image control, electronic protection and surveillance items and all kinds of accessories for CCTV.


    Cameras, monitors, time-lapse video recorders, sequencers, multiplexers, lenses, digital systems.