We are immensely proud of commemorating 30 years on the market!

Three decades anchored on a corporate basis, counting on international partners that have allowed the availability of solutions that follow the market dynamic.

The constant training of the employees, the continuous improvement of the processes and the strong investment in infrastructures allow for PLANAD to be a company of reference in its fields of work.

Our mission has been the connection of a permanent quality improvement to the commercial performance of the services we provide. We are pleased with the achieved target of owning the only card customization center, of both domestic and international brands, at national level, certified on the basis of operational and safety rules of the main international networks (PCI certification); furthermore, this was a way to contribute to the availability in Angola of this prestigious infrastructure and to the strategic objective of replacing the importation of goods and services by the local availability.

We purchased our Headquarters premises, in Luanda, with a 3,000m2 Planad celebrates 30 years surface, featured with the best equipment, allowing a professional experience of high-quality standards.

Our technical assistance and logistics center, in Viana, a 4.800m2 infrastructure, has been furnished with modern equipment, with the certification of the main international partners and offering excellent working conditions.

We have reinforced our technical presence in all Angolan provinces with our own vehicles, and installed repair and logistics centers in the main provincial capital cities. In our 30th anniversary, the date is earmarked with various investments in various fields.

The dematerialization of work orders that allowed for the reduction of paper, replaced by web platforms offering management information and support to the operation in real time.

All technicians have received tablets with internet access to operationalize the work orders dematerialization process, to have access to the associate site and to the technical forums, as well as to the tools in use in the company.

New technical activity management software has been introduced, stressing the team management, interventions and contracts management, and the internal site of activity management is being developed with real time dashboards, as well as a set of web tools to make information available to our clients.

The national market demand context imposes on us the responsibility of systematically developing new valences that are more and more integrated and innovating.

Our 250 employees, Angolan professionals trained by the company, are subject to training and evaluation processes adequate to the specificities of their respective jobs.

Only by strongly commit to the innovation, to the service quality, and to continuous improvement will it be possible to face the future with optimism.

The challenges we have been facing during the years made us capable and sustainable in the knowhow gained with our experience. And this is the way we are willing to face the future that we are wishing will be a promising one!

We thank our Employees and Partners, Clients, and Suppliers for the trusting in the PLANAD project.

Because we, all together, make things happen!