Self-Service Banking

  • ATMs

    PLANAD provides ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) solutions for the banking sector, comprising a vast range of services associated with the management of MULTICAIXA Network, specifically the supply and installation of ATMs, the configuration and activation of the same, the monitoring and management of incidents, and first and second-line technical assistance.

    ATMs enable customers to perform transactions including cash dispense, deposits, payment of services and others.

    PLANAD is the official authorised distributor of NCR e Glory Global Solutions to the Angolan market.

    NCR is a prestigious multinational corporation, founded in 1884 and present in over 130 countries. The company is market leader in the ATM sector with a global share of 28,7%. NCR has been active in Africa since 1897.

    Models certified for MULTICAIXA network:

    • NCR ATM, SS22 for lobby
    • NCR ATM, SS26 for outdoor through-the-wall installation
    • Talaris ATM, Cash Star 9111 for lobby
    • Talaris ATM, Cash Star 9320 for outdoor through-the-wall installation


    NCR Kiosks provide customers with a wider-ranging self-service service.

    This product is geared to bank branches, health clinics and public and private customer services.

    In addition to featuring a touch screen, Kiosks may be personalised and include bar code and card readers, printers, among others.


    Dispenser and Recyclers

    RBG-200 is a teller cash recycler from Glory Global Solutions, which allows deposits and dispensing, with counting and authentication, of different currencies simultaneously.

    Key features:

    • High volume banknote capacity/storage.
    • Simultaneous processing of different currencies.
    • Wide variety of safes, locks and alarm equipment to meet specific security requirements.
    • Automatic internal audit.
    • Integration with existing systems.
    • Reduce start / end of day processes.
    • Faster teller transactions.

    Note Counter

    In partnership with Glory Global Solutions, PLANAD provides machines for counting and authentication of notes in Kwanza, USD and Euros, printing out the serial number and adding up the notes.

    This Note Counting Machine (NCM) is geared to the banking sector, exchange bureaus, corporate treasuries and other institutions, and validates and authenticates banknotes in accordance with the different sensors built into each model, for the main notes in circulation on the Angolan market.

    NCMs require regular preventive and corrective maintenance, provided by PLANAD´s specialist technical team throughout the country.

    Coin Counter

    Mach 3 from Glory Global Solutions is a compact, versatile and efficient coin processor which simplifies and speeds up the processing of coins at any company which manually counts, separates and packages coins. It counts 1,500 coins per minute (CPM).

    Note Bundling Machine

    PLANAD provides two types of bundling machines:

    Indupack Bundling Machine

    • Low volume.
    • Offline strapping.
    • Compact and light design.
    • Portable, weighing only 15 kg.
    • Bands per minute: approx. 28.
    • Easily adjustable band tension.
    • Bands lengthwise and crosswise.


    UWH-1000 by Glory Global Solutions

    The UWH-1000 dramatically improves the cash management environment by sorting, authentication and strapping cash.

    Key Features:

    • High-volume cash centre operations.
    • Online strapping.
    • Where addition automated banknote strapping is required.
    • Compact design.



    PLANAD supplies low, medium and high volume sorters, in partnership with Glory Global Solutions.

    These sorters perform fitness sorting, with no loss in processing speed or work efficiency.

    Key Features:

    • Low/Medium/High-volume of banknote processing.
    • Banknote authentication.
    • Face/orientation.
    • Banknote sorting and recycling.
    • Compact design.
    • To meet central bank standards for banknote quality control.
    • Multi-currency processing.
    • Significant improvement of the cash handling processes, performance and productivity of the staff.

    Sorters COBRA

    Associated with large volumes of money, the DeLaRue COBRA Sorter separates, counts, verifies, authenticates and packages the principal notes in circulation in Angola.

    It also features an integrated money control and management module, allowing the customer to perform audits, daily accounts and remote monitoring.

    This  equipment  is  largely  geared  to  the  central  treasuries  of  banks,  casinos  and  valuables transportation firms.



    PLANAD represents INGENICO for Point-of-Sale (POS) and PINPAD terminals. These are electronic payment devices generally installed in points of sale, and which, in addition to other functions, enable customers to pay for transactions via direct debit or credit card.
    INGENICO is a French multinational corporation specializing in payment solutions, present in over 125 countries and market leader in the sector.

    PLANAD provides all the services in relation to the functioning of the POS, including registration, security  boot  and  technical  assistance,  and  guarantees  the  production  of  supervisor  cards.

    The following POS models are currently certified for MULTICAIXA Network:

    • Move 2500
    • I7910
    • EFT 930G
    • IWL220
    • IWL251
    • IWL284
    • ICT220
    • ICT250


    The Move/2500 offers a seamless payment experience and complies with future security standards.
    This terminal is PCI-PTS 4.x ready. Its TELIUM Tetra OS uses the latest cryptographic schemes with future-proof key length.
    The Move/2500 enables NFC couponing and wallet use cases, in addition to EMV Chip & PIN, swipe and contactlesss.
    Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the Move/2500 Portable is a pocket-size and offers extended battery.   This terminal comes with wired communication capabilities (Ethernet, PSTN) or wireless (3G, GPRS, Dual SIM). Then it guarantees terminal payment acceptance availability in case of network failures.


    Cards - Centralised Personalisation

    MULTICAIXA Card Personalisation Bureau

    PLANAD, in partnership with international manufacturers, supplies cards for a wide range of purposes, using magnetic stripe and chip technology.

    PLANAD has been the entity responsible for personalising cards for MULTICAIXA Network since the founding of the same in 2002.


    Cards - Decentralised Personalisation

    PLANAD provides the banking sector with a solution for the instant issuance of cards, guaranteeing the supply of the equipment and consumables, software, and the respective installation, training and maintenance services.

    Instant issuance enables the personalisation, clearance and activation of credit and debit cards on the spot and with greater security.

    This complete instant issuance solution for chip cards compatible with iEMV® standard uses Datacard® CardWizard® instant issuance software, the world's best-selling instant personalisation solution for credit, debit and pre-paid cards.

    Datacard, market leader in this area of business, is the partner in this solution, PLANAD being the official and authorised distributor in Angola.


    Cheques - Security Paper

    In partnership with NCR, PLANAD provides cheques.

    Security levels :

    • Aqua Fugitive Ink
    • Solvent Sensitive Ink
    • Thermochromic Ink
    • Photochromic Ink
    • Microtext
    • NCR Watermark Paper
    • UV Invisible Ink
    • Warning Band
    • Erasable Ink
    • Customised WM paper
    • VOID Feature
    • Personalised Patented Hologram

    Check Personalisation Bureau

    Governed by the security rules issued by Angola Central Bank, PLANAD provides checks and their customization, with response times of 24 hours.

    The check personalisation solution uses laser technology and impact printing for the MICR encoding on the security documents. The solution is controlled by specialized software with integral barcode verification for the MICR encoding.

    This solution addresses new specifications and security standards for the checks, including OCR (Optical Character Recognition), ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition), and PCS (Print Contrast Signal), among others.

    Cheques Processing

    PLANAD provides a Cheque Truncation Solution from NCR , which includes the supply of check scanner and the software for truncation.

    What is Truncation?

    Remove an original paper cheque from the cheque collection or return process and send it to a recipient as electronic information and/or image data as a replacement for the original cheque.

    Check scanner assists the intervention of the operator and allows for stricter controls in relation to electronic image and physical verification.

    Key Features

    • Three models: 50, 75 and 100 items per minute
    • Addresses FFIEC guidance
    • Fast and quiet scanning
    • Built-in scanner diagnostics
    • Ergonomically designed
    • Optional Franker for fraud deterrence
    • Field upgradeable speed
    • Energy efficient
    • Uses common DCC application interface