• 2020

    Certification of PLANAD Technical Assistance Center
    Modernization and Functional Simplification Project
    Planad celebrates 30 years
  • 2019

    HR and Employee’s Portal
    GestPlanad technical management software
    Multicaixa Cards EMV
  • 2018

    GLORY banknote sorters (new models)
  • 2017

    Certification by MasterCard (MasterCard Global Vendor Certification)
    Fleet management system implementation
    ZARPH Deposit Solution
  • 2015

    Service and logistics centre in Viana Park, in Viana
    Office and Repair centres in Huambo and Malanje
    Software GestClínica
  • 2014

    Personalisation of cheques
    New centre for card personalisation
    Access control solutions with an Integrated Security Platform (OnGuard)
    Certification by Visa (Visa Approved Vendor Certification)
  • 2013

    Security Paper
  • 2012

    NCR Cheque Truncation Solution
    NCR Self-service Kiosks
  • 2011

    Facilities moved to Rua Assalto de Moncada
    New Warehouse at Viana Park
    Talaris (GLORY) Dispensers and Recyclers
    Representation of NCR ATMs in Angola
    Instant Issuance Solution of Credit and Debit Cards from Datacard
  • 2008

    DeLaRue (Cobra) sorter
  • 2007

    CISCO VOIP Solutions
    CCTV electronic surveillance and protection solutions
    Corporate TV and Video Conference
  • 2005

    DeLaRue (GLORY) Note Counter
  • 2004

    ParaRede (now Glintt) POS
  • 2002

    Personalisation of Banking Cards for Multicaixa Network
    Time Management Solutions
  • 2000

    DeLaRue (Talaris) Multicaixa ATM Network
  • 1999

    PAPELACO Private ATM Network
  • 1997

    PLANAD Database Software for Schools and Students Management
  • 1996

    MEDINES Scales and Balances solutions
    PLANAD Technical and Commercial Management Software
    PLANAD Laboratory Management Software
  • 1995

    Opening of PANASONIC shop
  • 1993

    INFOMARCA Hotel Management Software
  • 1992

    Installation of Structured Networks
    PANASONIC Photocopiers, Projectors and Fax
    Facilities moved to Rua Marien N’Gouabi
  • 1991

    PMR Business Management Software
  • 1990

    TOSHIBA portables equipment
    Servers, PCs, Printers and UPS