PLANAD intends to be a centre of excellence in the field of IT, and a trustworthy, credible, competent and competitive partner.

The mission of PLANAD is to provide integrated product and service solutions which bring additional benefits to their customers, focusing on the quality of the service provided.

The company´s guiding principles are based on the combination of the interests of its customers, employees and partners, along with respect for a just and humane society.

PLANAD guarantees its customers the greatest competence and a transparent and loyal performance.

PLANAD guarantees its employees continued levels of satisfaction and professional achievement by means of sustained investment in professional training and career development perspectives.

The company intends to become a leader in a competitive and demanding market by means of trustworthy relations and commitment.

PLANAD is committed to the following principles and values

Corporate culture

  • All PLANAD's activities are focused on the quality of the service provided to its customers;
  • PLANAD uses and insists on strict criteria in relation to selecting suppliers;
  • PLANAD boasts prestigious international partners for the development of new products and solutions;
  • The company valorises and respects the competition, constantly striving to improve the quality of its services;
  • PLANAD bases its activities on the principles of loyalty and professionalism;
  • PLANAD is a company which constantly attempts to reach new heights, by means of heavy investment in innovation and technological development.

Social responsibility

  • PLANAD's relation with its employees is based on transparency;
  • As such, the company strives to regulate labour relations in a clear manner;
  • The company attempts to maintain high levels of satisfaction and professional achievement among its employees;
  • PLANAD places value on the upgrading of working conditions and occupational health and safety;
  • PLANAD is fully aware of its civic responsibility to the community;
  • Over the years the company has supported social and educational institutions in the form of partnerships.