• PMR Business Management

    A programme designed for the Financial, Human Resources, Sales and Stock areas, which runs on the Windows and LINUX operating systems and meets legal and market needs. Over 2,000 customers have installed this software:

    • General accounting
    • Analytical accounting
    • Budget control
    • Budget management
    • Fixed asset management
    • Treasury management
    • HR and salary management
    • Sales/billing management
    • Stock management
    • Works and workshop management
    • Purchases and orders management
    • Sales outlet management

    PLANAD Schools and Students Management

    The purpose of Database Software for Schools and Students Management (GESTPED) for public and private schools and universities, developed by PLANAD, is to deal with the management of academic issues and the treasury.

    Academic management routine:

    • Registry of student files;
    • Creation of groups;
    • Control of academic assessment;
    • Issue of documents such as declarations, with and without grades, certificates, agendas.

    Treasury routine:

    • Students current accounts;
    • Fines, discounts, activity, exchange of currency;
    • Daily and monthly statistical maps;
    • Export of maps to different types of files such as pdf and txt, and which can be imported to other applications.

    Newhotel Hotel Management

    Newhotel Hotel Management Software is a management programme designed to simplify all the different processes in the hotel and catering sector.

    It comprises the following modules:

    • Reservations.
    • Current accounts.
    • Sales outlets.
    • Central interface, telephone, keys.
    • Stocks and restaurants.

    Solutions of Time Management

    Developed to enrich systems for the control of times and presence, the time management software guarantees the reliability of the data collected, dispensing with the need for cards and other means of identification.

    HandKey II uses biometric hand geometry technology, duly tested in the field, and which reads and verifies the size and shape of the hand in less than one second.

    The use of biometric technology ensures the system is totally reliable and fraud-proof, eliminating the costs associated with the maintenance of personnel cards.

    Safety & Security solutions

    Panda Software, currently named Panda Security, is an IT company involved with Internet security.

    Symantec provides antivirus, Internet security and antispyware solutions for both residential and corporate users.