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PLANAD -Planeamento e Informática, Lda is an Angolan company founded in 1990, dedicated to the supply of integrated product and service solutions in the field of information technology.

The first eight years of activity were focused on the marketing of hardware and software, in addition to the development of projects involving the installation of structured networks. As from 1999, the company expanded its activities to the self-service banking area, where it is now a benchmark and the main supplier of the MULTICAIXA network since its creation in 2002.

PLANAD has increased its scope of operations throughout the country in the form of branches, local technical units and represented by agents over these 25 years of existence.

The company has accumulated experience in the scope of public and private procurement, specifically in the scope of central and local government, business and banking sectors.

PLANAD's current challenges are geared to the continuous modernisation of its infrastructure and the quest for excellence of service, with a special emphasis on aspects in relation to specialisation, training, efficiency and security.The company meets emerging needs and anticipates solutions. For this purpose, the company creates Angolan teams with multidisciplinary skills and vast experience and expertise in the different sectors of activity.

PLANAD conciliates its skills and makes things happen!

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