• New PLANAD Software

    HR Management, Access Control, and Assiduity Control

    This PLANAD-developed software allows the centralization of all employees' record information, thus facilitating their consultation via web.

    The access and assiduity control software ensures the reliability of the collected data, making the use of cards and other identification devices unnecessary.

    Employee Portal

    This PLANAD tool aims at establishing more efficient and swift communication channels with the employees avoiding delays arising from more burocratic processes.

    Using an on-line platform, employees may submit various requests and verify their status, e.g. leave requests, absences justification, requests for declarations among other.

    This is a tool that also allows the data and internal processes automatization.

    Performance Assessment Management

    This module supports the performance assessment activities allowing the application of occupational competences models and global and individual targets for the organization.

    It makes easily interpreted on-line reports available and allows the detailed analysis of the performance and potential of employees and teams.

    Management Software - GestPlanad

    The GESTPLANAD is a company technical and administrative management software, developed according to the specific needs of the various areas.

    This software aims at gathering, in one sole platform, all information concerning the company activity, allowing the real time supply of elements for the internal management and for the clients.

    We stress the issuance of automatically generated reports, dashboards, and access portals.

    JUL 2020