• Planad-QuickStore Scanning Solution

    "PLANAD-QuickStore" integrates multifunction with the document management system, allowing time savings between the scan and the file in the management system. The aim is to eliminate the scanning process to an e-mail or folder, and later placement into place.

    The user selects on the multifunction display, the file, process or file name, and the file is forwarded directly to the respective folder in digital form and / or in pdf searchable format.

    Key features:

    • Scan to Word, Excel, PDF;
    • Workflow Document Management: scanning with character recognition in previously defined areas; read / write data base;
    • Capture paper-based information and electronic files (MS Office, IBM Lotus Notes, Windows Explorer);
    • Extensible Interface Platform (EIP);
    • Several types of field;
    • Scan Configurations Control;
    • Includes management devices. Authentication, encryption Grouping (SSL and PKI);
    • Authentication in Active Directory, Novell, databases, among others;
    • Full integration via Xerox EIP and Connect Center;
    • Integration with different types of multifunction;
    • Integrates in a wide range of EDM (Electronic Document Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Groupware systems;
    • Easy operation through a graphic designer process;
    • Customization through the device and the server.

    JAN 2014