Self-Service Banking

  • ATMs

    PLANAD provides ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) solutions for the banking sector, comprising a vast range of services associated with the management of MULTICAIXA Network, specifically the supply and installation of ATMs, the configuration and activation of the same, the monitoring and management of incidents, and first and second-line technical assistance.

    ATMs enable customers to perform transactions including cash dispense, deposits, payment of services and others.

    PLANAD is the official authorised distributor of NCR e Glory Global Solutions to the Angolan market.

    NCR is a prestigious multinational corporation, founded in 1884 and present in over 130 countries. The company is market leader in the ATM sector with a global share of 28,7%. NCR has been active in Africa since 1897.

    Models certified for MULTICAIXA network:

    • NCR ATM, SS22 for lobby
    • NCR ATM, SS26 for outdoor through-the-wall installation
    • Talaris ATM, Cash Star 9111 for lobby
    • Talaris ATM, Cash Star 9320 for outdoor through-the-wall installation
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