Self-Service Banking

  • Point-of-Sale

    PLANAD represents INGENICO for Point-of-Sale (POS) and PINPAD terminals. These are electronic payment devices generally installed in points of sale, and which, in addition to other functions, enable customers to pay for transactions via direct debit or credit card.

    INGENICO is a French multinational corporation specializing in payment solutions, present in over 125 countries and market leader in the sector.

    PLANAD provides all the services in relation to the functioning of the POS, including registration, security boot and technical assistance, and guarantees the production of supervisor cards.

    The following POS models are currently certified for MULTICAIXA Network:

    • Move 2500
    • I7910
    • EFT 930G
    • IWL220
    • IWL251
    • IWL284
    • ICT220
    • ICT250

    The Move/2500 offers a seamless payment experience and complies with future security standards.

    This terminal is PCI-PTS 4.x ready. Its TELIUM Tetra OS uses the latest cryptographic schemes with future-proof key length.

    The Move/2500 enables NFC couponing and wallet use cases, in addition to EMV Chip & PIN, swipe and contactlesss.

    Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the Move/2500 Portable is a pocket-size and offers extended battery. This terminal comes with wired communication capabilities (Ethernet, PSTN) or wireless (3G, GPRS, Dual SIM). Then it guarantees terminal payment acceptance availability in case of network failures.

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